The Student Polyclinic received a donation of an advanced ultrasound machine

( – The Serbian-American Medical Association (SAMA) donated an ultrasound machine to the Student Health Care Institute in Belgrade, and Dr. Vera Blaženčić-Mladenović, representing the association, highlights that the funds were raised very quickly and that former students of the University of Belgrade who were treated at this institution and now live in the United States participated in the donation.

“An email fundraiser just after last year’s Christmas.  The response was incredible.  Many people who donated were former students of the University of Belgrade and thus patients of this institution. By March 2024 the entire amount for this machine was already collected.  Thanks to the Ministry of Health which immediately approved the donation, the contract was signed on April 4th, and the machine was delivered on May 15th,” said Blaženčić-Mladenović.

She explained that this organization was founded by Dr. Ivan Aksentijević in 2009 as a non-profit non-governmental humanitarian organization that brings together not only doctors but also people from other professions.

“The common desire is to somehow help our healthcare system here. We have different professions, and donations come from people living in America. There are both our people and other nationalities. Occasionally, fundraising evenings are organized once a year in Chicago. A tennis tournament is organized, and sometimes, as needed, such as for the student polyclinic, an email is sent,” said Blaženčić-Mladenović.

Currently, the project of raising funds for the renovation of rural clinics is underway, she added and emphasized that besides infrastructure, donations will also cover equipment procurement.

“We believe that rural clinics are least in focus for assistance, and the conditions are very poor. The Vice President of SAMA, Zoran Mladenović, sent an email to 150 addresses and we received responses from 40 health centers in rural areas. We are now in the process of consideration and selection,” announced Blaženčić-Mladenović.

Assistant Director for Medical Affairs of the Polyclinic, Mila Paunić, said that considering that there is a mobile ultrasound machine in the Institute’s Ward which is over 15 years old, and according to the manufacturer’s claims, is no longer serviced, which complicates its repair, the donation of this Mindray DC-60 machine comes at the right time and is extremely significant.

“Ultrasound examinations are of great importance within diagnostic, as well as preventive examinations, especially in establishing diagnoses in the field of general medicine, gynecology, surgical, and internal medicine diseases. Examinations of the abdomen, pelvis, thyroid gland, breasts, as well as superficial structures for musculoskeletal injury diagnostics are performed,” said Paunić.

She adds that ultrasound examinations can timely detect various disorders of the liver, spleen, gallbladder, and other abdominal parenchymal organs, as well as benign and malignant ovarian tumors, the presence of their polycystic structure, diagnosing pregnancies including ectopic pregnancies.

“Mindray C-60 is a color Doppler ultrasound machine with three probes, and it will significantly improve and enhance the quality of services we provide to our patients, as it enables even better diagnostics and timely initiation and implementation of treatment for students of the University of Belgrade,” said Paunić.