Medical equipment worth around three million dinars was donated to the Health Center “Sveti Đorđe” in Topola

Topola, Serbia

March 2024

The director of the Health Center “Sveti Đorđe” in Topola, Dr. Valentina Pajić, expressed gratitude for this valuable donation, which will significantly improve the work of this healthcare institution.

“Since 1914, when the Health Center was established, we have not had an autoclave, a machine of exceptional value, nor the type of service to offer to our patients. We are infinitely grateful to the donors of the Serbian American Medical Association (SAMA) because they recognized the need for a smaller institution to have equipment necessary for providing adequate healthcare. The value of the autoclave is over one million dinars, and we could not afford it ourselves. I would also like to thank the local government for their assistance; we are expecting a dental chair which will be very useful for us. As for our donors, we continue negotiations and cooperation, and I hope that our next project will be the gasification of the health station in Trnavi,” said Dr. Valentina Pajić, the director of the Health Center. The value of the donation is around three million dinars, and the donation as a whole includes several medical devices.

“Our work on this project started in June last year, and today the last device has been delivered, contributing to better healthcare for all patients. We received an 80-liter autoclave, a Mindray ultrasound machine with all probes, five 12-channel ECG machines, and one three-channel machine, ten blood pressure monitors,” said Sanja Petrović, the head nurse of the Health Center.