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SAMA Student Group

The mission of the SAMA Student Group is to:

1) Foster intellectual curiosity among the Serbian community in the health-related sciences through journal clubs, seminars, and other academic events AND 
2) To create a unified platform to bring together Serbian/Serbian-American students/trainees and healthcare professionals for the purpose of networking and mentorship and career development

Components of the Student Group:

Mentorship Program

The goal of the mentorship program is to create a platform to unify students of Serbian heritage who are pursuing careers in healthcare and help them connect with mentors in their respective fields. This platform is open to trainees and professionals in any healthcare related field and at any stage of their careers.

Journal Club

The goal of the journal club meeting is two-fold: 1) to stimulate intellectual curiosity in the sciences AND 2) to provide an opportunity for trainees (medical, dentistry, nursing etc.) to engage with Serbian physicians, scientists, and professionals about areas of active research within their field of interest.