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Hemodialysis in Užice

Location: Užice
Project Cost: US$160,000

“Patients now have hemodialysis in human conditions!” Mirko Tuba, president of the association of patients on dialysis and kidney transplant in Western Serbia.

The Užice Hospital serves a population 0f 350,000 people. The hospital hemodialysis center treats approximately 90 patients  every day.  For the majority of patient receiving treatment, this  center is like their second house.   Each patients spends an average of 12 hours every week, all year round for many years. 

Unfortunately the center had not been remodeled since its creation in the 70s and the conditions for patients and workers had reached an advanced state of disrepair and had become frankly inhumane.  All that not only compromised the health of patients, but also took away the dignity and happiness of all people involved, including health care providers.

In a record time period of two months between November and December 2022, SAMA completely rebuild and refurnished the unit, including bathroom, doctors room and treatment units. A brand new ultrasound device and defibrillator were also donated.

List of work items completed:

  1. Leaky sewer pipes replaced
  2. Old nonfunctional bathrooms for patients remodeled
  3. Leaky ceiling replaced 
  4. Old, cracked dirty floors replaced
  5. Hallway walls, and celling redone.
  6. Electrics fixed.
  7. Beds and hospital furniture replaced (22 new hospital beds with bed side stands, as well as 2 weighing beds to weight patients unable to stand)

This project deeply changed the lives of all patients and healthcare providers. All of this was done in a record time without compromising patients care.

The staff and patients only words after completing the projects has been of THANK YOU!