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Vredna donacija za Dom zdravlja Ada u vidu defibrilatora

Location: Ada
Project Cost: $7,561.38

Ada is a municipality of about 16000 people in central Vojvodina. Like many health centers in Serbia, the HC in ADA suffers from underfunding. We were originally contacted regarding the need for a defibrillator at this center by Snežana Strahinjic, head nurse of the HC. Specifically the HC has several defibrillators, but these are so old that replacement batteries can no longer be found. Also those units that are operational are constantly being carried on urgent calls, in the ambulance, get damaged etc.

Our donation of a defibrillator was a timely and valuable donation because they were running out of functional units. On top of that, the unit that SAMA donated offers a monitor functionality which is extremely valuable. This donation will help the ADA HC deliver urgent services that are medically necessary in order avoid further disability or death if not treated immediately.

April 28, 2023, Zoran Mladenovic and Daniel Jankovic met with Dr. Andraš Balog, current HC director, and with Ms. Snežana Strahinjic. Overall we were very impressed with Dr. Balog and his efforts to enlighten the population about the need for screening against various diseases. Ada (or that region in Vojvodina) as well as southern Hungary has elevated suicide incidence, so the depression screening is implemented. They also do opportunistic cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings, trying to follow proper procedures based on woman age and risk factors. It is important to note that they have analog mammograph (that has been digitalized).