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Everything is now done locally in Pozega!

Location: Pozega, Serbia
Project Cost: $26,790.33


  • 80L autoclav
  • Timpanogram
  • CTG
  • Linear probe for their ultrasound
  • 2 devices for physical therapy.

Dr. Tanja Nesterović director of the HC contacted SAMA late in 2021 looking for autoclav donation. We met with Dr. Tanja and her staff. They tried to raise funds locally, unfortunately their effort was unsuccessful due to administrative constrains – the Požega HC organizationally belongs to Užice Hospital/Health center, and the organization has had their bank account blocked because of longstanding debts.

Their existing autoclav is from 1981, and is not functioning correctly and is way beyond repair. We started looking to replace only the autoclav but then realized that within the project budget we could also procure additional necessary equipment.

Needless to say that the staff of HC Požega is extremely pleased with this donation. It will significantly increase their capabilities and reduce patients need to travel to Užice.

They can now diagnose easily and objectively issues with (srednje uvo). The girl in the photos needs to have her tonsils removed.
Physical therapy – they do about 35000 patient sessions a year (equal to Pozega population). The head of the department Dr. Vesna Mićić seem to be very knowledgeable and energetic. The equipment we donated are specifically devices for laser therapy (this is the first time they have it) and electro therapy