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Požega Health Center, Serbia

Location: Požega
Project Cost: $26,000

Cardiotocography (CTG)

CTG measures the baby’s heart rate in utero.  At the same time, it also monitors the contractions in the womb (uterus).  CTG is used both before birth (antenatally) and during labor, to watch the baby for any signs of distress.

Linear ultrasound probe

The most critical factor that will determine if you can get proper ultrasound images is choosing the correct ultrasound probe or transducer. Like with anything else you do, the right tool will be needed for the right situations.  The linear ultrasound probe is a high-frequency transducer (5-15 MHz) that will give you the best resolution out of all of the inquiries but is only able to see superficial structures.


Tympanometry is a simple test that can help diagnose problems related to hearing loss. In particular, it tests how well the middle ear works by measuring how the eardrum moves.