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Donation to Štrbce

Location: Štrbce
Project Cost: $4380

In early April 2023, Dr. Irina Bogajcevic, director of Štrbce’s nursing school, Kosovo and Metohija, reached out requesting help with some of the most necessary equipment and anatomy models for teaching nursing students.

Štrbce is a Serbian enclave located south of the Ibar river. This municipality includes about 10,000 inhabitant, mainly ethnic Serbs. The only nursing school in this part of Kosovo and Metohija is of vital importance for the Serbian community as it prepares their children for a career in health care, and gives them a reason to stay.

Due to safety reasons and travel restrictions, nursing students from Štrbce are not able to attend any hospital in other parts of Kosovo for on-hand practical teaching, so teachers are trying to teach them practical skills using anatomy models. In spite of all these difficulties, Štrbce’s nursing students are very motivated and very often end up competing equally with their peers from Universities in Serbia.