Zoran Mladenovic’s Visit to Loznica Health Center

Back in 2015, Dr Mirko Mrdjen, pediatric cardiologist from hospital in Loznica, reached out to SAMA about the need for an ECG. It resulted in a SAMA donation of ECG to hospital in Loznica, and subsequent donation of a defibrillator with pads that can accommodate children in 2018. With SAMA renewed focus on primary health care in Serbia, and at the recommendation of Dr. Mrdjen, earlier this month we visited Loznica Health Center. We met with the management of the health center, and discussed their many needs. 

Loznica, municipality of about 80000 people in western Serbia, lost most of its economic engines during the transition to private enterprises, and its working its way back. Local government which is supposed to support HC, did what it could but definitely not enough, either due to financial reasons, or simply due to lack of attention. The result is that many HC departments (pediatrics, urgent care for example) are working with the severely outdated equipment.

We decided to focus on the pediatrics department There are 900-1000 babies born each year in Loznica, and the pediatrics department is responsible for their health care in pre-school and school years. The department has many needs including a new sterilizator, inhalators, pulse oxymeters, an ultrasound system etc. After discussion with Dr Dragica Andrić, pediatrician at the department and Dr. Milena Filipović, the head doctor of the department, we decided that the most urgent need is to replace the sterilizator and the ultrasound used to screen baby hips (mandatory protocol in Serbia in baby’s first year). We will work to deliver this equipment to them as soon as possible.