Ultrasound at the Student Polyclinic in Belgrade

(Politika.rs) – Improving the health of the student population is an important task of the Student Health Care Institute in Belgrade, which takes care of the health of around 110,000 students of the University of Belgrade. Today, the student population leads a very stressful lifestyle, with numerous obligations at the university, work tasks, environmental pressure, anxiety due to expectations from parents, family, and close friends, demanding lifestyle during studies, frequent changes of residence… All of these contribute to the fact that this part of the young population often suffers from various illnesses.

As emphasized by Dr. Mila Paunić, assistant director at this institute, ultrasound examinations are of great importance within both diagnostic and preventive check-ups, especially in establishing diagnoses in the fields of general medicine, gynecology, surgical, and internal diseases. Examinations of the abdomen, pelvis, thyroid gland, breasts, as well as superficial structures, are conducted for the purpose of diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries. Ultrasound examinations can timely detect various disorders of liver function, spleen, gallbladder, and other abdominal parenchymal organs, as well as benign and malignant ovarian tumors, the presence of their polycystic structure, diagnosing pregnancies, including suspicions of ectopic pregnancies, congenital anomalies of the urogenital system, fibrocystic dysplasia and fibroadenomas of the breasts, and similar conditions. The application of abdominal ultrasound is also necessary in diagnosing some infectious diseases, which is of additional importance for students in collective accommodation; as well as in gynecological practice in cases of irregular bleeding, acute abdominal pain, and in the differential diagnosis of numerous surgical and internal diseases.

Considering that the Student Health Care Institute has a mobile ultrasound device, which is over 15 years old and is no longer serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications (which complicates its repair), the donation of the Mindray DC-60 ultrasound machine by the charitable organization Serbian American Medical Association – SAMA, comes at the right time. The charitable organization SAMA – “Serbian American Medical Association”, registered in Glen Echo, Maryland, USA, has raised funds and, through the supplier Medigala d.o.o. from Belgrade, donated to the Student Health Care Institute an ultrasound color Doppler machine with three probes. This important donation will significantly improve and raise the quality of services we provide to our young patients, as it enables even better diagnostics and timely initiation and implementation of treatment for students of Belgrade universities.

We would like to thank the Serbian American Medical Association – SAMA on behalf of all students of the University of Belgrade and on behalf of the employees of the Student Health Care Institute in Belgrade for this wonderful gesture. The handover of the ultrasound machine will take place tomorrow at 12 o’clock at the Student Health Care Institute – Dr. Paunić emphasized.