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Patients in Pirot now have comfortable and clean hospital beds.

Location: Pirot
Project Cost: $10,000
Following multiple working meeting between SAMA member, Zoran Mladenovic and the hospital director, Dr. Petrovic, November 29, 2021,  the General Hospital Pirot  received a gift of 60 anti-decubitus mattresses.  This donation worth around US$10,000 will significantly ameliorate patient’s comfort during their hospitalization, but also improve their care.  Of note, the funds needed for this donation were collected by SAMA-Canada under the direction of Aleksandra Savic. 

On behalf of all the nurses of the Hospital, the head nurse at the Pirot Hospital, Ivana Medenica, thanked the Serbian American Medical Association for the donation and said that the mattresses were of extremely high quality.   The benefits of this donation will be multiple, first of all patients will have more comfortable accommodation, but also medical staff will be able to provide better health care. This type of mattress enables the prevention of pressure sores, and they are also protected by a waterproof cloth, so hygiene is maintained at a high level.