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Pulse oximeters, ECGs and infusion pumps for Kraljevo Hospital

Location: Kraljevo
Project Cost: US$8,643.75

SAMA initially donated 3 bilirubin lamps for treating baby jaundice to neonatology ward in December of 2018. Subsequently we followed with another donation in fall of 2019, including 2 pulse oximeters Masimo Radical 7, 2 12-canal ECGs Nihon Kohden 2250K, and 2 infusion pumps Codan Argus 717V. SAMA USA donated the pulse oximeters and ECGs while SAMA Canada donated the infusion pumps. The complete donation was executed through Trivax Doo, Belgrade, ensuring the local support and training, it was delivered in October 2019, and it was all in operation prior to our visit.

On behalf of SAMA, Jelena and Zoran Mladenović, visited Studenica Hospital in October of 2019 and met with:

  • dr Miroslav Milenković, radiologist, Assistant Director for Diagnostic affairs
  • dr Srđan Vukašinović, Head of the Pediatric Ward
  • vms Marija Mijajlović, Head Nurse
  • Zora Krunić, Assistant Director for non medical affairs

We visited 3 Hospital wards, infectious disease ward, pediatric medicine with neonatology and internal medicine ward. 2 infusion pumps are deployed at the Infectious disease ward, the nurses are very happy with quality and performance of these devices.

Pulse oximeters were more suitable for pediatric use. Therefore they were deployed in Pediatric ward, and used as both mobile (in ambulances due to their small size and long battery life) and stationary equipment. When we toured the pediatric unit with Dr. Vukašinović, we were pleasantly surprised how nicely decorated and children friendly it is (the got help from students of the local art school in decorating this ward – the right initiative goes a long way). The ward has 35 beds, and handles all ages from new borns to 18 yr olds as well as all types of illnesses including cancers. Dr. Vukašinović believes that with this new donation they are quite well equipped too.

The main outstanding issue is lack of functional mammography unit, worth about $150k which is far beyond SAMA means.