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The Largest Donation Of SAMA To The Ivanjica Health Center

The Serbian-American Medical Association SAMA invested $315,000 in the Ivanjica Health Center. This donation refers to the complete renovation of the hospital (inpatient) facility and the emergency service, as well as the purchase of an EKG machine, a defibrillator, two ear examination machines and four pressure measuring machines.

SAMA was founded in 2009. Since 2013, it has been intensively organizing humanitarian actions, from which funds are directly directed to the construction and renovation of health facilities and the purchase of necessary medical equipment and materials.

Serbs living in Chicago organized within the SAMA organization, these significant funds were collected for one of the largest investments in recent decades in the Ivanjica Health Center.

Helping our people must be an obligation, a privilege and a pleasure, the donors emphasized.

Dušan Duke Petrović from Chicago has a special reason to donate to Ivanjica, the city where his father Bogdan was born, who after his arrest and stay in a concentration camp in Germany came to America and never again visited his hometown, which he always dreamed of. story about.

The way in which the Serbian American Medical Organization SAMA organizes actions, the way in which they follow projects, visit hospitals, health centers, is really fascinating. The result is a modern emergency service and hospital in Ivanjica.

Source: infoliga