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8th Annual SAMA DC Walk

SAMA held its 8th annual walk, following appropriate mask and social distancing requirements.  We are grateful to the ones who could come and show their support personally.   We are also thank full to the many who could not come but sent a donation instead.  All together, we raised about $7,000!!! 

At this moment, there is a little more than $30,000 on our account.  We have signed agreements with the directors of health centers in Pec-Gorazdevac and Velika Hoca in Kosovo-Metohija where the most basic material and medicine are badly needed.  With the funds available, we are also hoping to help the infectious disease clinic in Belgrade, which despite very vetuste building infrastructure continues to play the central role in the treatment of patients with infectious disorders throughout the region. 

We wish to thank all of you who have donated for your generous suoport and hope to be able to count on you in the future.

In good health,

SAMA Board.

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