$98,000 Raised For Chemical Analyzer for Gacko and Kozarska Dubica Health Centers

The fundraiser held at Topaz Café last night was a remarkable success, raising a total of $98,000. Approximately 70 people graced the event, including distinguished guests like Bishop Longin, Duke Petrovich, Neš Subotić, and other prominent local figures.

The funds collected will be utilized to procure a much-needed chemical analyzer for the health centers in Gacko and Kozarska Dubica. These contributions will undeniably transform the lives of thousands in these communities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who attended and generously donated, as well as those who, though unable to attend, sent in their support.

A special thanks to Branko Palikuća for hosting the event at his restaurant, and our deep appreciation to Tanya Radakovich and her friend Neda for their invaluable assistance in promoting the event. Your support means the world.