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Center for Hemodialysis in the Užice Hospital is overcrowded and in a state of disrepair. SAMA is happy to announce that they have decided to rebuild this center and to make it their main project for 2022-2023.

Location: Užice
Project Cost: US$120,000-130,000

The Užice Hospital serves a population 0f 350,000 people. This is one of the largest hospital districts in Serbia and surrounding countries.  The hemodialysis center within the hospital is one of the busies dialysis center in the country and treat approximately 90 patients with acute or chronic kidney failure every day.  Unfortunately, the center which was built sometimes in the 70s has been falling apart and is overcrowded. Beds are old and rusty. Patients who are immobile and need to be weighed in special beds have to wait for their turn to be treated on the only two beds available to them.  The conditions in which doctors work, and where patients lie, are far from desirable and are below any dignity for both patients and staff.   This situation leads to an increased risk for contagious spread of disease, infection, pressure ulcers, thrombosis, embolism, etc.  

The conditions are very poor and rebuilding and ree-quipping that department would change the lives of these patients and improve the working conditions for doctors and medical staff.    Doctors are so dedicated to work and patients just want to feel better.

After assuring that there was no plan in the state budget dedicated to the hemodialysis center, SAMA decided to pick this center as their main project for 2022-2023 and with your help, we are happy to be able to do so. This will truly improve the lives of thousands of sick patients every year, for years to come.