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Tennis Tournament Flyer

SAMA 2nd annual Tennis Open Tournament

Dear friends,

We are announcing our 2nd annual tennis open.  This is a great opportunity to socialize, have fun, and show your tennis skills. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you to help a woman in need.

This year we are raising funds to purchase new mattresses for the OB/GYN department in Prijedor Hospital, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Women, some pregnant or new moms, have to lie on mattresses that have not been changed since 1975!!!   Attached, please find pictures of some representative “samples”.
Our goal is to collect $5,000 and replace all 40 mattresses on the OB/GYN ward.  Please see the attached tournament invitation and register as soon as possible by registering to samatennisopen@gmail.com.  The tournament format will be decided based on how many register.  For payment, please send your check to SAMA P.O. Box 204, Glen Echo MD 20812 or via Paypal by visiting our website at www.serbianama.org.

Thank you and thank you for your generosity.Hope to see you soon on the court.

SAMA board

Tennis Tournament Flyer

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