SAMA Newsletter: 2018

Dear SAMA members,
Welcome to the 2018 SAMA Newsletter! 2018 was a record year for SAMA in many ways: we received over $95,000 in donations ($91,114 from the US and over $4,300 from Canada) and executed six projects, totaling almost $73,000. This would not have been possible without your support. Thank you to all of those who were involved! This report details the year in review.


Completed Projects:

In 2018, we completed projects at the following hospitals/health centers: Loznica, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Lučani, Laplje Selo, and Gračanica. These projects are listed below but more details can be found in the 2018 Trip Report.

Kragujevac Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Oncology Department

  • SAMA fully equipped the hematology/oncology department with a laminar flow hood, several vital sign monitors, chemotherapy infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, a platform for mixing blood, among other items. It is now fully operational.
  • Nurdor, another nonprofit organization, successfully funded and executed the clinic’s renovation earlier in 2018.

TOTAL COST: $32,776.39

Infusion pumps - Kragujevac Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.11.25 AM Laminar flow - Kragujevac Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.10.21 AM

Loznica Hospital

  • New Nihon-Kohden 1521K defibrillator with pads for children was delivered to Dr Mirko Mrdjen at the Loznica Health Center. Money for this donation was collected by SAMA-Canada during the 2nd Annual SAMA Walk in Toronto.

TOTAL COST: $4,487.14

20180809_121817 Defibrillator to Loznica Pediatric Department

Laplje Selo/Gračanica Hospital – Children’s Clinic

  • SAMA donated 20 mattresses, including mattress covers, certified for hospital use and imported from Italy. SAMA also donated patient monitors, a defibrillator, pulse oximeter, and blood pressure monitors for pediatric use.
  • We hope to work with this hospital more in the future as there is still a considerable amount of work to be done, particularly in support of its infrastructure (see picture below).

TOTAL COST: $14,960.68

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.04.56 PM Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.05.17 PM Mattresses - Pediatric department - Laplje Selo 46813829_206771960235692_5413293015131226112_n

Kraljevo Health Center – Neonatal Department

SAMA purchased 3 neonatal phototherapy lamps for the hospital in Kraljevo. The funds for this donation were collected during the 2018 SAMA Open Tennis tournament.

TOTAL COST: $8,783.04

Image-3 Image-2 Image-1

Health Center in Lučani

SAMA purchased a new bio-microscope that will enhance the clinic’s diagnostic capabilities. A training session for the device was held on November 9th, and by November 13th, it was already being put to use in patient examinations. Marko Erić from Čačak helped SAMA pro/bono with the transport and delivery of the bio-microscope.

TOTAL COST: $8,989.81

Optic Microscope in Lucane IMG-26559f98818e601b69feba097be2a8a6-V IMG-703b9d6eec0962293e82d01cffed7024-V IMG-aac9b55ad6ee66dc0573152fa63efbf7-V

Projects under consideration or in progress:

During SAMA’s annual visit to Serbia, we identified a number of projects we are interested in completing through our 2019 fundraising efforts. The details of these projects, some of which are still under negotiation, are listed below.

Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Belgrade

  • The government previously promised to provide the hospital the funds to build a new clinic, however this is unlikely to happen any time soon. We are interested in contributing to this renovation effort and are currently in search of a contractor to hire.
  • In the interim, we offered to purchase a respirator (e.g. artificial ventilator for life support), which is urgently needed due to the upcoming flu season and emergence of upper respiratory infections.

STATUS: Under negotiation

General Hospital in Čačak

  • We met with hospital director, Dr. Milosevic, who requested an ultrasound to monitor pregnancy. They currently do not have a functioning ultrasound, meaning that 3,000 pregnant women seek imaging studies from private practice. We will obtain funds for this through our 2019 fundraising efforts.

STATUS: Fundraising

General Hospitals in Bor, Zaječar and Knjaževac

  • We met with the directors of three major hospitals in Bor, Knjazevac and Zajecar. We are looking into providing an automatic ironing machine for hygiene purposes, a defibrillator, as well as an off road patient transportation vehicle.

STATUS: Under negotiation


  • SAMA 6th Annual Walk (Washington, DC) – COLLECTED: $6,505
  • SAMA 2nd Annual Walk (Toronto, Ontario) – COLLECTED: $3,315
  • Meeting in Boston – COLLECTED: $3226
  • Dinner Event in Chicago – COLLECTED: $35,850
  • SAMA 3 rd Annual Tennis Open – COLLECTED $6,125
  • Contributions from private events/slava – COLLECTED $18,092 (from USA & Canada)
    • Jovanović family (USA)
    • Aksentijevich family (USA)
    • Purković family (USA)
    • Dragačevac family (USA)
    • Mladenović family (USA)
    • Avramović family (USA)
    • Simon-Hara family (Canada)
    • Simeunović family (Canada)
    • Nerandžić family (Canada)


This past year was a record year for SAMA in many respects, both in terms of fundraising, projects completed, and reach. We finished off the year with ~$50,000 remaining and are eager to put this toward executing projects in Zaječar and Knjaževac hospitals. Once again, we are very proud to report that our overhead costs were between 2-3% (see itemized list of these costs below). A list of all donors from 2018 can be found in the Appendix of this report.

2018 Overhead Costs

  • Bank Transfer Fees $395.00
  • Other Bank Fees $114.00
  • Shirts for SAMA Walk $652.50
  • Boston Fundraiser $304.95
  • 2018 SAMA Open Insurance $315.00
  • PayPal Fees $202.51
  • Evite Fees $79.10
  • Benevity Fees $5.10

Total spent on overhead costs: $2,068.16

2018 SAMA Financial Report


We would like to remind everyone to select SAMA when purchasing through Amazon Smile. They will match 0.5% of your purchase to SAMA. Also, we received many donations this year through employer matching schemes – please be sure check whether your employer participates in matching donation program and let us know if we are not listed.

We are so proud of the progress SAMA has made over the past few years. We have rallied together to make a difference, and are more unified and capable than ever before. In the name of the thousands we help, we want to say thank you for your generosity and hope we can continue to count on your support.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2019 to you and your loved ones both in North America and across the world.

SAMA Board


NOTE: SAMA will, like every year, send tax letters acknowledging your donations in early January. If you do not receive tax letter by late January, please contact us at

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