2019 Financial Summary as of 4/7/2019

2019 Financial Summary

Top Level Summary
Beginning Balance (Bank Account) $46,762.79
Beginning Balance (PayPal Account) $2,392.99
2018 Total funds raised $6,893.10
2018 Total funds spent on projects and overhead $(38,230.44)
Balance $17,818.44


Account balance
Bank Account $14,922.66
PayPal Account $2,895.78
To Be Deposited $0.00
Balance $17,818.44


2019 Contributions
General Donations $6,153.10
Vili’s birthday $740.00
Walking with SAMA
Walking with SAMA Canada
Boston Fundraiser 2019
Chicago Fundraiser 2019
SAMA Open 2019
2019 Total funds raised $6,893.10

For a full list of 2018 SAMA contributors, click here.

2019 Total funds spent on projects and overhead
 Project Zaječar $18,520.73
 Project Knjaževac $19,600.00
2019 Total funds spent on projects $(38,120.73)
Overhead Costs
Bank Transfer fees  $(95.00)
2019 Walk – Permit
2019 Walk T Shirts
PayPal Fees $(14.71)
Boston Fundraiser
2019 SAMA Open Insurance
 Benevity Fees
Evite Fees (SAMA Tennis Open)
2019 Total Overhead Costs (~2-3%) $(109.71)
2019 Total funds spent on projects and overhead $(38,230.44)


For information on SAMA-Canada finances, please visit serbianama.ca

For any questions, please contact SAMA Board at board@serbianama.org.

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