Project Kragujevac

This project consists of two distinct parts:

  1. SAMA is working with NURDOR ( on project to equip reconstructed Hematology/Oncology Ward at the Pediatric Clinic in Kragujevac.
  2. Providing a car for patient transport to Zastava Health Clinic.

The total value of the project (details below) is about $50k.

Pediatric Clinic Kragujevac –

Hematology/Oncology Ward

About Nurdor (In Serbian: Nacionalno Udruzenje Roditelja Dece Obolele od Raka): We are parents and friends of children treated with cancer and their families united in the mission of improving the quality of treatment and the lives of diseased children and their families. We were founded in 2003 in Belgrade and since then every day we have been caring for children and parents throughout the whole of Serbia.

You can find a lot of valuable information on their web site:

The Pediatric Clinic is part of the Clinical Center Kragujevac. The reconstruction of this ward is currently being completed. The expected completion date is May 18th, 2018.

The list on necessary equipment to equip this ward is shown here. (the page is in Serbian, scroll down to Kragujevac). SAMA is purchasing items under numbers 7,8,10,11,12,15,16 and 17.

The approximate value of SAMA donation is approximately $36,000.

ZASTAVA Health Clinic

Zastava Health Center serves about 35,000 workers. They have more than 50 doctors and about 100 nurses/medical technicians. Big part of their activity is transporting:

  • Patients in need of hemodialysis to and from the treatment
  • Immobile patients to treatment and back
  • Medical staff to provide palliative care to patients in need

More details about this request can be found here.

SAMA is in discussion to provide new vehicle that would significantly help improving the quality and reliability of this service. The total cost is expected to be around 12k euros (about USD 14.2k).