SAMA Board Letter - Fall 2017

Dear friends of SAMA,

Welcome to another edition of the SAMA Newsletter! We would like to give you an update about SAMA’s activities and financials so far in 2017, as well as provide a schedule of upcoming events.

2017 was a landmark year for SAMA.

  • We reached a record level of donations, of almost USD 69,000 (including donations collected in both USA and in Canada).
  • From 2013 to 2017, we provided over USD 200,000 in donations to Hospitals and Health Centers in Serbia and Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2017 alone, SAMA invested USD 64,790 in new projects!
  • For the first time, we executed a project in Republika Srpska, by donating new mattresses to the OBGYN departments of Hospitals in Prijedor and Gradiška.
  • We established SAMA-Canada and had our first successful fund-raiser in June 2017. The second one is planned for June 2018!
  • SAMA second annual fundraiser in Chicago was SAMA’s biggest fundraiser ever (over USD 25,000), collecting funds for a new ultrasound system for Užice Hospital.

SAMA’s Fundraising Events in Washington, D.C., area are already a great tradition,

  • SAMA’s fifth annual Walk was held in May 2017, and together with our first Walk in Toronto Canada, we collected funds for a new ultrasound system for the Hospital in Pančevo. SAMA’s sixth annual Walk is planned for May 2018.
  • We hosted the second SAMA Open Tennis Tournament in September 2017. This year, our singles champion was Marko Živković from Raleigh, North Carolina, and our doubles champions were Stefan Pavlović and Milan Vučković, both from Washington, D.C.! We hope to see all of you back next year.

List of all 2017 Contributors to SAMA

In October 2017, Dr. Ivan Aksentijevich and Zoran Mladenović travelled to Serbia and visited a number of Hospitals and Health Centers. Together with Mr. Branko Palikuća, they officially delivered new ultrasound system to Užice Hospital, and visited the health center in Višegrad. We also met with prof. Dr. Radan Džodić, Director of Institute for Oncology and Radiology in Belgrade, Dr. Verica Jovanović, Director of Institute for Public Health “Milan Jovanović Batut,” and with Dr. Aleksandar Milovanović, Director of the Institute for Occupational Health. Together with Verica Seničić, we visited hospitals in Prijedor and Gradiška, and lastly the hospital in Kraljevo. You can find more details in our trip report.

In 2017, SAMA successfully executed the following projects:

All these projects have been fully completed!

We are looking forward to 2018, we have a healthy backlog of new projects that need to be realized, and we plan to start working on some of them as soon as December 2017. The needs for improved facilities and health diagnostic equipment are everywhere, and we hope that in 2018 we can again help in a significant way.

As always, SAMA is fully committed to being completely transparent with both our projects and finances, and to ensuring that as much of your donations make their way to where they are intended. We are very proud to report that our overhead has always been in the range of 3% or less.

Without your support, none of SAMA’s projects would be possible, and we ask you to please continue supporting this worthy cause with your time and contributions. We are truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you.

SAMA Board