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September 29, 2018: Nada Simon-Hara Garden Party


We collected CAD 790

August 9th, 2018: New defibrillator delivered to Hospital in Loznica

New Nihon-Kohden 1521K defibrillator with pads for children was delivered to Dr Mirko Mrdjen at the Hospital in Loznica. Money for this donation was collected by SAMA-Canada during the 2nd annual SAMA Walk in Toronto. Again many thanks to all who contributed to this event!

June 2nd, 2018: Thank you to all who came to support second annual SAMA walk

Toronto setnja

We collected over CAD 4000 and USD 300

May 6th, 2018: Save the date for  SAMA Canada Second Annual Walk

June 2nd, 2018, 11:00AM – 2:00PM @ Erindale Park in Mississauga

We will be collecting funds to purchase new pediatric defibrillator for the Hospital in Loznica.

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December 3rd 2017 Update

Since our first fundraising in June this year, SAMA-Canada was focusing on finishing paper work with registration, opening bank account and obtaining charitable status with Canada Revenue Agency.  Our next walk will take place on June 2 2018 and it will be advertised in Novine, a Toronto newspaper. In October our members supported Jovan Dučić organization during their annual gathering where they collect funds for purchasing the ambulance to be donated in Republika Srpska.  On our part small scale fundraising was done by our members, in the form of having a garage sale and collecting donations at the “slava’s”.  We are looking forward to continue our mission.

September 23rd, 2017: Novine about SAMA Donation

A recent edition of Novine from Toronto, published an article about the importance of SAMA’s donation of new ultrasound system  to the Hospital in Pančevo. We are hopeful for many more good projects like this, so please save the date, June 2nd, 2018, and join us in our Annual Fundraising Walk!

Novine Toronto September 22 2017

July 27th 2017: New Ultrasound System delivered to the Hospital in Pančevo

The new Mindray DC-N3 Ultrasound System was delivered to the Hospital in Pančevo. The new system will greatly improve the quality of health care for patients in Pančevo Hospital, enabling doctors to provide complete diagnostic treatments within the Urology Department. The funds for this donation were collected at the SAMA Walk in Washington DC and the SAMA-Canada Walk in Toronto, Canada.

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For any questions, please contact SAMA-Canada Board at

2019 Contributions CAD 500

January 2019 CAD 500

Nerandžić Family Slava  $500.00

December 2018 CAD 470

Simeunović Family Slava  $470.00

September 2018 CAD 790

Nada Simon-Hara Garden Party CAD  790

June 2018 CAD 2675; USD 300;

Predrag Gutić CAD 50*
Tanja Simeunović CAD 100*
Mirjana Stolić CAD 25*
Ivan Dimović USD 300*
Ljilja Rimac CAD 100*
Christina Campbell CAD 100*
Branka Arandjelović CAD 500*
Zemzela Perišić CAD 100*
Stevan Tomić CAD 100*
Nenad Aleksić CAD 50*
Danijela Vidojević CAD 50*
Katarina i Milorad Bošnjaković CAD 700*
DND CAD 100*
Natalia Krstić CAD 50*
Aleksandar Krstić CAD 50*
Aleksandar Penić CAD 50*
Vesna Jelić CAD 150*
Oakville neighborood CAD 300*
Slobodan Kosović CAD 100*
* Second SAMA-Canada Walk – Toronto

May 2018 CAD 905

Emilija Tišler CAD 100*
Jelena Nikolić Popović 50*
Oakville neighbourhood 155*
Saša Krstić 300*
Brankica Janković 100*
Jelena Pejović 100*
Aleksandra Simeunović 100*

* Second SAMA-Canada Walk – Toronto

January 2018 CAD 400

Nerandžić Family Slava  $400.00

December 2017 CAD 730

Nada Šimon-Hara with friends and neighbors $205.00

Simeunović Family Slava  $525.00

September 2017 CAD 200

Jovan Dučić Canadian-Serbian Charitable Society CAD 100

Jovan Dučić Canadian-Serbian Charitable Society CAD 1004

4Donation for maternity ward of Prijedor Hospital in Republika Srpska, BiH

June 2017 CAD 4,017.39; USD 4,270.00

Nada Simon-Hara family CAD 2503
Mirjana Stolić CAD 203
Jelena Pejović CAD 1003
Leslie Aver CAD 203
Svjetlana & Predrag Gutić CAD 303
Vukašin Simeunović CAD 503
Tanja Simeunović CAD 503
Zoran Mileusnić CAD 503
Dejan Ivanović CAD 1003
Brankica & Slobodan Janković CAD 2003
Nada Savićević & Branko Jevtović CAD 1003
Rade Aksentijevich CAD 1003
Irena Petrović CAD 1003
Katarina & Miša Bosnjaković CAD 5003
Vesna Jelić CAD 1003
Ivana Nerandžić CAD 8003
Aleksandar Habsid CAD 1003
Jasna Hadži ToševCAD 503
Radmila Mićić CAD 403
Ljupka Radojević CAD 1003
Biljana Milićević CAD 403
Branka Damjan CAD 253
Leli Hara CAD 803
Slobodan Kosović  CAD 1003
Lidija Borojević CAD 303
Anonymous USD 4,000 (match)3
Aleksandra Savić CAD 333.98
Zemzela Pešić CAD 1003
Angelina Racić CAD 503
Aleksandar Roskić CAD 203
Emilija Tišler CAD 503
Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing CAD 1003
Slobodan Berger USD 1003
Dr. Gordana Lukić CAD 2003
Aleksandra Savić CAD 28.25

3 First SAMA Walk – Toronto

May 2017 CAD 410; USD 170

Lynda Carter CAD 103
Miroslav Savić CAD 1003
Amina Abdalla USD 703
Goran Čukljević USD 1003
Bogdanka Aleksić CAD 503
Aleksandra Simeunović CAD 503
Saša Krstić CAD 2003

32017 SAMA Walk Toronto

April 2017 CAD 100

Aleksandra i Saša Krstić CAD 503
Aleksandra Simeunović CAD 503

32017 SAMA Walk Toronto

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