Fall 2016 SAMA Board Letter

Dear Friends of SAMA,

Branko Palikuća

Welcome to another edition of the SAMA Newsletter. We would like to give you an update on SAMA’s activities and financials so far in 2016.

Thanks to so many of you who have contributed; 2016 was a really successful year for SAMA.  So far we have collected over $45,000 and were able to execute a number of new projects.  We were able to branch out of the Washington, D.C. area and hold a successful fundraiser in Chicago, which was organized in April by our new board member, Branko Palikuća.

2016 SAMA Open

The proceeds from this event allowed us to complete the project with the Pediatric ward at Vranje Hospital. We also completed a project in Lučani (funds were collected during the 2016 SAMA Walk, and delivered an EKG and autoclave to the local Health Center.

SAMA held its first Tennis Tournament in September 2016, helping us collect over $4,500. We have established much deeper contacts with the health professionals in Serbia and were able to diversify on equipment suppliers and infrastructure project execution, giving us significantly more flexibility for future projects.

Serbia map
Over the last 4 years SAMA helped over 20 municipalities in Serbia

Verica Seničić

In October 2016, Ivan and Zoran went to Serbia and together with our board member in Serbia, Verica Seničić, visited several Hospitals and Health Centers and met with numerous health professionals (Trip report). Those visits helped us better understand the situation and the needs at the local level.  Interestingly, we observed a clear correlation between local staff initiative and the status of their hospitals and health centers (see examples of Užice or Pančevo in our trip report – both of these Health Centers were operating frozen financial accounts and could not procure any additional equipment or infrastructure improvements).

As a result of our October trip, we have identified a number of smaller projects that we plan to complete before 2016 ends:

  • Donate a pediatric defibrilator to the Health Center in Užice. We plan to purchase a Nihon Kohden TEC 5631K defibrilator.
  • Donate a bilirubinometar to Children’s Hospital in Belgrade (Tiršova). The plan is to purchase a Daeger JM 105 device.
  • Supply oxygen to the outpatient department at Sremska Mitrovica hospital – pediatric ward

As we close 2016, it is important to recognize that SAMA has, over the past four years, invested over $137,000 in various projects across over 20 municipalities in Serbia.  What a way to give back and help family and friends who live in Serbia!

Without your support, none of SAMA’s work or projects would be possible and we hope that you will think of SAMA and tens of thousands of people and children that are being helped during the coming Holiday Season. We ask for your continuous support of this worthy cause with your valuable contributions.

As always, SAMA is fully committed to being completely transparent with both our projects and finances, and to ensure that as much of your donations makes its way to where it is intended. We are very proud to report that our overhead has been in the range of 3% or less.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at board@serbianama.org with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you!

SAMA Board